The truth about Elvis' chest hair is revealed by Austin Butler

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Posted on: 24 Jun, 2022

Baz Luhrmann's newest Elvis movie

Austin Butler has admitted that he donned false chest hair when portraying the King of Rock 'n' Roll in Baz Luhrmann's newest Elvis movie.

30-year-old singer

The sexy 30-year-old singer revealed during an interview for The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Twitter that the false hair was a component of the body suit he used to portray an aging Elvis.

Austin said in a Twitter video

Austin added in the Twitter video, '[The body suit] is what we adorably refer to as our 'body adjustment suit.'

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor has blonde hair on his chest in real life.

Elvis is followed in Luhrmann's film

Elvis is followed in Luhrmann's film from his early poverty to his ascent as a global superstar before his tragic passing at the age of just 42 in 1977.

Austin's being compelled to respond.

The announcement follows Austin's being compelled to respond to reports that his voice has drastically changed.

The movie was finished in March 2021

Despite the fact that the movie was finished in March 2021, Austin was accused by followers on social media in May of adopting an 'Elvis voice.'

Some people noted how different his voice sounds now from when he played his breakthrough role in the 2013 television series The Carrie Diaries.

According to several earlier interviews 

Austin's voice was consistently rather deep, according to several earlier interviews conducted after further research.

But it's impossible to ignore the contrast between his previous performances, particularly those on the red carpet in Australia.

Austin co-stars with Tom Hanks,

Austin co-stars with Tom Hanks, who portrays Colonel Tom Parker, the notorious manager of Elvis Presley, who was accused of defrauding the musician of a fair share of the royalties from his songs.

Hanks thinks that he alter persona deserves credit for helping to make Elvis a household name.

'With just a little bit of theft.'

I've heard from numerous individuals that he was a charming man who brightened every space. He played fast and loose with the money; was he a cheap crook? Yes, but he added happiness to everything he did. The Hollywood celebrity claims, 'With just a little bit of theft.'

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