The Toys will make everyone from the 79's cherish their memories

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Posted on: 23 Dec, 2022

Atari 2600

It was the first introduced video game sold throughout the world. The whole system hosted $200 during that period.

Credits: Retroist

The Pet Rock

One toy to summarise goofy clothes and disco lights is a Pet Rock. The guy who made kids buy the rock is a genius.

Credits: Pinterest


It is the most iconic toy that even exists today, and it is used to check the logical functioning of the human brain.

Credits: Alibaba.com


The Skateboards are a '70s staple when the kids carry them in the park and try out their new skills.

Credits: Hypebeast


Introduced in 1971, the chubby little Weeble doesn't fall. They are still standing straight for 45 years in the market and the heads of every 70's child brain.

Credits: arcadephile-Tumblr

Six Million Action Figure

Inspired by the tv show six million action Figures and bionic woman dolls introduced the mini robotic world.

Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica


The trendy brain-scratching Scrabble. It came with chunky block letters and an easy grid. It has to be a fun game to challenge the English language.

Credits: Wikipedia

Connect four

It was introduced in the market in 1974. It is a fun and easy game. Even the Cavemen played a variation of it.

Credits: No Time For Flash Cards

Hungry hippos

We are sure when the marbles would fly out, and mom would find them in the corners of the house; what a fun game.

Credits: eBay

Nerf Ball

It was the first-ever indoor ball. A soft little foam ball that would let the kids keep the windows and furniture safe and sound.

Credits: Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Sock em Robots

The only toy that has had an update just now because it was made perfectly since the 70s.

Credits: Amazon.in

Alive Doll

A baby toy who ate powdered food vomited. A complete depiction of a human baby was every girl's favorite.

Credits: DiSHA Computer Institute


It is a plastic update of a paper and pencil game played as a soldier during WWI.

Credits: My Baba


It sure needs no age criteria. Anyone can play it at any time. Magna Doodle would let the player draw anything with different shapes and designs.

Credits: Happy Hooligans


It is the electromagnetic game played by everyone in the 70s.

Credits: Amazon.in

Star Wars

The Star Wars movies introduced a new concept with new chapters. They also introduced new toys.

Credits: Star War News Net

Starsky Cars

The TV show of cars and forgetting Starsky and Hutch Car was undeniable. It is red in color.

Credits: Wikipedia

Easy bake oven

It has been a popular toy in recent days. It is introduced in pink colour. Still selling high.

Credits: amazon.in

Lite and Brite

Apart from just playing these little Lite and Brite, it's hard not to sing their catchy Jingles.

Credits: Amazon.com

Shrinky Dinks

Two women introduced it. It melted the colourful plastic designs in 1973.

Credits: Made in Chine


The new neon introduction to geometrical colour patterns also included many posters in the 70s.

Credits: Shopee Malaysia

Stretch Armstrong

The toy could be stretched with its arms and legs wide.

Credits: Desertcart

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