31 Mar, 2023


The Top 10 Best Action Movies To Get Your Heart Racing

By FactsWow Team

The Old Guard

A gripping, gritty action film stuffed with insightful explorations of human nature, The Old Guard has a surprisingly moving love story for those who love stories.

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Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier packs a punch thanks to J. C. Chandor, who directed Margin Call, and Mark Boal, who wrote The Hurt Locker.

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You'll find yourself wishing that RRR had gone on for just a few more minutes once the credits roll – be confident with its three-hour runtime.

Media Credits: IMDb

The Gray Man

It was tough on all of us when Ryan Gosling took a break from acting for almost four years, but he returned in Joe and Anthony Russo's adaptation of Mark Greaney's novel, The Gray Man.

Media Credits: Filmfare.com

The Harder They Fall

One of the most notable features of The Harder They Fall is that its cast is entirely Black - a stellar group that features Regina King, Idris Elba, Lakeith Stanfield, and Zazie Beetz.

Media Credits: IMDb

Enola Holmes

With her fourth-wall-breaking asides and moments of real badassery, Enola Holmes has made for a super charming watch - and now a sequel as sleuth-filled as the original.

Media Credits: IMDb

Outlaw King

Plenty of solid historical films are on this list, but Outlaw King is a well-crafted historical epic that doesn't hold back regarding bloody medieval fight scenes.

Media Credits: IMDb

Red Notice

Rawson Marshall Thurber's Red Notice is a fun film with big-budget action and elements of the classic screwball genre.

Media Credits: IMDb


James Bond's era has officially ended, so looking back at Skyfall, one of his finest films, seems appropriate.

Media Credits: Collider

Da 5 Bloods

During the 2020 awards season, Da 5 Bloods scored the rare honor of being both a modern action movie and a prestige awards drama.

Media Credits: YouTube

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