Season 2 Of 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Sparks Chaos And Buzz For Season 3

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

The final episode of 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' for Season 2 has arrived. The fans are now in chaos and reacting to all sides of the love triangle.

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Belly And Conrod

Following 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Season 2 Finale, fans have shown interest in a certain scene and the lighting effects. Some users have suggested that the way the light falls on Belly and Conrad points to how the series will end in terms of who she will end up with.

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Heavily Favoring Conrod

Another user said upon finishing the finale season and wrote, 'it was heavily favoring the Conrad.' Users tweeted, 'The cherish of bellyjere doesn't come next in your favor. I'll be in the front row to the downfall of Jeremiah in s3'.

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Belly Kisses Jeremiah

Fans were captivated by the results of the last scene in the second last episode, where Belly kisses Jeremiah. At the same time, Conrad discovers them making out when he completes the biology final exam. Learn more news from Factswow.com and stay ahead with the latest trends.

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Conrad Descended Into Chaos

Some Fans believe that the lighting in a certain scene reveals which boy Belly will end up with. Another expressed extreme frustration with Conrad, saying they would have left the group stranded and gone to a car wash. Many are now eagerly anticipating Season 3.

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Conrad Saw Kissing His Brother

Another user wrote that Conrad saw her kissing his brother when he wore his sweatshirt at his college campus against his car, knowing he would show up as they waited for him. This was a type of behavior that she was forced to extract his attention.

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Conrod Torments His Brother

One user highlighted that Conrad was verbally tormented by his brother, so Belly was in the car as he knows that Belly had a better off with him. Belly's questions got Conrad crazier and crazier again.

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Conrad Is Hurt

One user commented that Conrad is hurt by being justified as pretty and hilarious. He added, 'I am seeing up every minute and that is my only man.' The Conrod's (Christopher Briney) unhinged behavior remained such kind of similar reactions.

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'Vampire Diaries' Parallel

One shrewd user highlighted a 'Vampire Diaries' parallel since the deb ball provoked from Season 1. Fans recalled Steven and his flourishing relationship with Taylor. Another viewer wrote, 'Steven bringing flowers for Taylor; wait, let's stick to them in this coming episode.'

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Very Convincing Argument

A team fan of Jeremiah expressed a convincing argument about the younger Brother. They wrote that Jeremiah is the actual Brother, adding, 'I know it may hurt him always that put everyone's feelings on the above. Jeremiah wants Conrad and Belly to be happy.

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