The story of the book tells young girls that they can change their gender

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

American Girl

American Girl is a popular doll brand founded in 1986 featuring dolls of young girls from American History with books telling their stories.

New book

A new book trumpets how prepubescent girls can change their gender.

Aimed at girls

A book titled' A Smart Girl's Guide: Body Image: How to love yourself, live life to the fullest, and celebrate all kinds of bodies is aimed at girls aged 8-11 years in grades four through six.

What does the book state?

The book states, 'The way you show your gender to the world by clothes and behaviors is your gender expression.'

Gender expression

Your gender expression can be masculine, feminine, or in between; it might change. You will experiment with bright dresses, long, feminine hairstyles, baggy shorts, plaid shirts, and a buzzed haircut.

Change the look

Parts of your body may be uncomfortable, and if you want to change how you look... that is ok!

Book advises

The book advises, 'You can appreciate your body for everything as it allows you to experience and still want to change certain things about it.

Original books

The original book written by schoolteacher Pleasant Rowland featured a 9-year-old girl in American History. The focus of the book became modern girls looking for empowerment.

Owners of Barbie Doll

In May 2022, Mattel, the owners of Barbie dolls, created a transgender Barbie doll modeled after activist Laverne Cox as a part of its tribute.

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