15 Mar, 2023


The Stars Of 'SNL' Who Have Played Politicians

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Politics Impressions

With many stars and cast members taking on some of the biggest political figures in U.S. history, Saturday Night Live has firmly established itself as a platform for political impressions.

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Top Government Officials' Impressions

Through their expert impressions of the biggest government figures of the era, the Saturday Night Live comedians have made it an art to producing the most skewering political commentary.

Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

Joe Biden, As Played By Jim Carrey

An SNL promotional video showing Carrey's Biden transformation aired on Oct. 1. The legendary comedian portrayed Joe Biden, 77, in season 46.

Credits: Sky News

Donald Trump, Played By Alec Baldwin

He made his SNL debut as Trump just before Trump's election in October 2016. Alec Baldwin, 62, will again play the current President of the United States for Season 46.

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A portrayal Of Hillary Clinton By Kate McKinnon

The 36-year-old actress has played several political figures throughout her career, and her most famous impersonation is of 72-year-old Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and secretary of state.

Credits: Daily Bruin

Kamala Harris, Played By Maya Rudolph

As Kamala Harris in the 2020 Emmy Award-winning comedy series Glee, Maya Rudolph, 48, has excelled as a master impersonator.

Credits: NPR

Bernie Sanders, As Portrayed By Larry David

During season 46, we expect to see Larry back as Bern Sanders, 79, in a new impersonation. While Bernie may not be running for President, we suspect Larry will return in the role.

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Elizabeth Warren, Played By Kate McKinnon

Kate became a fan favourite in 2017 with her impression of Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, 71. Her Elizabeth impression quickly became one of her best political impersonations.

Credits: The Guardian

Like Melania Trump, Cecily Strong Is Excellent

During her time on SNL as Melania Trump, 36, Cecily Strong revealed that her impression of the First Lady was very popular with Alec Baldwin's Donald.

Credits: InStyle

The portrayal Of George W. Bush By Will Ferrell

During the 2000 presidential campaign and into Bush's first year as President, Ferrell, 53, impersonated the 43rd president in SNL's history.

Credits: The Guardian

Sarah Palin, As Played By Tina Fey

The Sarah Palin impression was legendary when Tina Fey, 50, portrayed the Alaska governor in the season 34 premiere. She completely embodied Palin's mannerisms and accent.

Credits: People.com

As Mike Pence, Beck Bennett

As with many things on SNL, Beck Bennett's impressions of Vice President Mike Pence, 61, continue to be a highlight. Beck imitates Pence perfectly, even capturing his stiffness in some cold opens.

Credits: The New York Times

As Jeff Sessions, Kate McKinnon Plays

Kate McKinnon makes every political impression she can muster, and Jeff Sessions, 73, the impression is terrifying. She transforms into the former U.S. Attorney General with her thick Southern drawl and white wig.

Credits: Vox

As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Melissa Villasenor

SNL's Melissa Villaseor, 32, proves at least once a week why she is great at impressions. The first time Melissa tackled Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 30, in 2019, she was fantastic.


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