The Review Of “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” Is a Perfect Christmassy Treat

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 25 Nov, 2022

Guardians Of The Galaxy

When you think of Guardians of the Galaxy, Christmas may not be your first stop. But with the human Peter Quill at the helm, it gets you in the holiday spirit.

The Galaxy Holiday Special

However, the defender of the Galaxy Holiday Special is about how Yondu ruined Peter's Christmas as a child (It is based on information that Kraglin provided to Mantis and Drax and the rest of the team) Christmas with Quill.

The Perfect Gift

This inspires her to search for the perfect gift for him. Pause here and think about how Drax and Mantis are thinking. To kidnap Kevin Bacon, of course! The entire special is a heartwarming look at how much The Guardian loves Peter Quill and what he is willing to do to make him happy.

The Real-life Actor

Also, real-life actor Kevin has his bacon. It's hilarious to see him interacting with celestial bodies like praying mantises and Drax in his Hollywood home.

The Three Primary Things

Everyone knows three things about Peter Quill. He loves music and always pretends his father is David Hasselhoff and his hero is Kevin Bacon. He saved the galaxy like Kevin Bacon saved the town of Footloose by dancing. So it's no surprise that Mantis and Drax thought of bringing Kevin Bacon to Peter.

The Galaxy Mission

How they do, it is just chaos. In a Guardian of the Galaxy mission, nothing goes as smooth. Kevin gets in the Christmas spirit with a fun lawn decoration, his wife, actress Keira, and he talks to Sedgwick on the phone about a family celebration while Mantis and Drax use a map to find their home.

The Home Maps

At least we know these celebrity home maps are real. The special is about Guardians, but it's great to see Kevin enjoying his bacon.

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