The Real Reason Alex is in Salem - Plus, Xander and Sarah have the goods on Gwen until [spoiler] intercedes

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Posted on: 08 Aug, 2022

Upon entering Alex's bedroom, Maggie invites him downstairs for dinner. Alex crawled out from under the sheets to find a scantily clad woman in his bed. Maggie watches them get dressed, flustered. She gives him her number even though Alex calls her the wrong name. The woman's low standards make Maggie furious. Smiling, Alex says he's good at what he does.

As Maggie and Victor talk about their grandnephew's antics, Alex joins them downstairs. When Maggie has left to check on dinner, Victor makes a snarky comment about Alex reminding him of Justin at that age. Assuming that Sonny's job is available, he goes after it. Gabi did not steal the company away from his brother but Alex.

Even though Alex admits that he did it, he only did it when he wanted to help Sonny. As soon as he proposed to Sonny, he knew he was going to get taken. As a result, he bought the company and flipped it back to Titan at the terms Sonny should have received from the beginning. The reason Victor doesn't tell anyone is that they wouldn't trust him if they did.

In the meantime, Alex will serve as his fixer. Alex will report to Sonny, as Victor assumes he wanted from the beginning. Chanel and Allie kiss on the couch after drinking wine at home. Is Chanel the one who picked me? Allie asks. Allie also picked Chanel, Chanel confirms. Allie feels bad for Johnny, even though she is happy.

Chanel didn't want it, but someone had to suffer no matter what. A knock at the door causes them to kiss again. Lucas is given the letter by Allie. Lucas explained that he's out on bail because there isn't enough evidence to charge him with Abigail's murder. Allie wonders, what if she kidnaps her mother? Chanel encourages her to speak to her father and leaves.

She wants him gone, but Chanel tells her to speak to her father first. Rather than asking for forgiveness, Lucas reveals he came to speak to Allie about Abigail's death. Despite believing him, she cannot forgive him for kidnapping her mother. She sees him for who he is for the first time. In response to his question, she demands he shows her he can change.

His release on bail is due to the fact they do not have enough evidence to hold him responsible for the murder of Abigail. Then Allie wonders, why not kidnap her mother? Chanel encourages her to speak to her father and leaves the room when she screams at her father that she wants him gone.

Rather than asking for forgiveness, Lucas reveals he came to speak to Allie about Abigail's death. Even though she believes him, she will never forgive him for kidnapping her mother. She is finally able to see him for what he is. For him to make up for it, she needs him to show her that he is capable of being different.

After Chanel leaves the pub, an apologetic Paulina follows her. The idea that her mother is plotting behind her back is beyond belief to Chanel. The only thing Paulina was worried about was whether she had made the right choice. There is no way Chanel can accept this kind of situation where the boy is being chosen over the girl.

In response, Paulina denies the allegations, but Chanel accuses her of wanting a 'traditional' relationship. She finally admits it after trying to deny it for more than a year. Allie can provide Chanel with everything Paulina wants. However, Chanel does not wish to lose her mother. As Paulina embraces her, she promises she won't do that.

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