The Real Meaning of Brendan Fraser's Name is Revealed

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Posted on: 13 Dec, 2022

The incorrect pronunciation

The name Brendan Fraser is spelled incorrectly. In Adam Sandler's Actors on Actors, Fraser explained how to pronounce his name correctly.


Knowing the name

In the first meeting, Sandler, 56, asked Fraser, 54, 'Is your full name Brendan Fraser?' Fraser replied, 'Yes, Brendan Fraser.

Credits: People

Finding the mistake

In response to Sandler's repeated attempts, Fraser pointed out that the phrase rhymes with the word 'razor.'

Credits: elperiodico

The joking attention

Fraser mocked Sandler by pretending to shave with a razor. Sandler's growing beard caught his attention as he joked. His facial hair was unnoticed by Sandler, who said, 'This is two days without shaving.'

Credits: Evening Standard

New video link

The correct pronunciation of Fraser's name was not revealed just recently by Fraser. As part of her promotion of the release of her new video for 'I Drink Wine,' Adele talked to fans about her moniker.

Credits: LADbible

The perfect pronunciation

Adele, 34, said she loves it. She said her name perfectly when she answered a fan's question via satellite from London. The star pronounced 'uh-dale,' not 'ah-dell,' after addressing the woman's question.

Credits: Just Jared

Information to the fans

In an earlier statement, Lindsay Lohan told fans they had been stressing the wrong syllable of her last name, joining the list of celebrities who correct fans' pronunciations.

Credits: Vanity Fair

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