29 Dec, 2022


The public schedule was revealed in the last weeks of Donald Trump's presidency

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Ahead of his departure

Trump was unaware of the public disclosure of his daily schedule until just weeks before his departure.

Credits: Wikipedia

The media is informed

There was no indication of Trump's activities for more than three years in the Oval Office, as White House reporters are informed of his activities every night ahead of the next day.

Credits: The New york times

Changed right away

A former deputy press secretary at the White House said Deere immediately changed the policy upon learning it.

Credits: vanity fair

Schedule of daily public events

According to his testimony to a congressional committee investigating the Capitol riots, the President's daily public schedule was prepared and released every evening.

Credits: WVUA23

A first-time schedule

The President discovered sometime towards the middle or end of December that we had released his schedule for the first time.

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Public schedule updated

As a result, the new version of the public schedule consisted of several sentences about what would occur throughout his day rather than specific times and titles of events.

Credits: vanity fair

In-depth information

Journalists were provided with a briefing note rather than an in-depth information sheet detailing the President's schedule.


Scheduled returns

In addition to the news that Trump's tax returns are scheduled to be released, it was also reported that Trump's tax returns would be released for the first time to the public.

Credits: ABNNews

The aspirant for the presidency

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump made history by refusing to release the findings, becoming the first presidential candidate to do so in recent history.

Credits: NPR

Documents were obtained

The Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives obtained the documents after an investigation last month despite his efforts to keep them sealed.

Credits: time

The release of documents will occur

According to an anonymous congressional aide, a spokesman has confirmed that the documents will be released to the public on Friday, December 30.

Credits: Wikipedia

Consideration of information

Many boxes containing documents were seen being wheeled into the hearing earlier today, perhaps indicating the volume of information being considered.

Credits: AL Jazeera

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