28 Mar, 2023


The President Posts A Chilling Threat After Posting A Disturbing Baseball Bat Photo

By FactsWow Team

Analyzing The Situation

The Manhattan District Attorney leading an investigation into Trump posted a picture of Donald Trump holding a baseball bat.

Media Credits: Esquire

Article Published By The President

Earlier this week, the one-term president published an article on his social media platform Truth Social that featured a composite picture of him with Alvin Bragg, who has accused him of faking the arrest.

Media Credits: Manhattan District Attorney's Office

An Adult Actress Receives Money

An investigation is underway by the Manhattan grand jury into allegations that Trump made hush money payments to adult actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign.

Media Credits: ABC News

Taking Action Against Him

Although Mr. Trump has denied having sexual relations with Ms. Daniels, critics are calling for action against him for the post featuring Mr. Bragg on Truth Social.

Media Credits: ABC News

Violence Is Dangerous

Among other things, Jen Taub wrote on Twitter, 'This threat is obstruction of justice and is a dangerous call to violence. Everyone must speak up.'

Media Credits: Vanity Fair

Baseball Bat Use Is Difficult

'Trump today called on his cult to use a baseball bat to eliminate the 'animal' Alvin Bragg, tweeted Keith Olbermann, the former MSNBC host.

Media Credits: ABC News

Excessive Prosecution

According to Mr. Trump's office, the investigation was an 'unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority' by the House Republicans on the Judiciary, Oversight, and Administration committees.

Media Credits: slate.com

Message From The Chairmen

A letter sent by the chairpersons on 20 March began an unprecedented investigation into an upcoming local prosecution, according to Manhattan District Attorney's office general counsel Leslie Dubeck.

Media Credits: New York Post

A Day Later, He Was Arrested

There is no legitimate basis for a congressional inquiry into Donald Trump following the assertion that he would be arrested the next day created by Donald Trump and his lawyers.

Media Credits: ABC News

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