The police were called to Shanna Moakler's house for a domestic disturbance

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Posted on: 29 Jul, 2022

An alum of Celebrity Big Brother, Shanna Moakler, is reportedly hiding out in her house and had the cops show up late Thursday night.

Her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, was arrested earlier this week for domestic violence-related crimes. As a result, the news was breaking earlier in the week that he had been charged.

As per another source, it seems that Moakler's daughter called 911 to report a 'domestic disturbance' and the police responded immediately to the San Fernando Valley home to deal with the disturbance.

As you may recall, Rondeau was arrested following the Celebrity Big Brother season finale back in February and he had been staying in the same house ever since.

As it turned out, there wasn't an arrest this time since the police felt that Moakler's daughter might have gotten this one wrong as long as it didn't lead to a shooting. She may decide to comment on the incident at a later date.

A second source reported the police looked around Moakler's house but found no damage had been done and no one was injured. Both the couple and the cops said that there had been no fight, according to reports.

The drama in Moakler's relationship with Rondeau continued even while she was competing on Celebrity Big Brother 3. As soon as she returned home, he took down social media images of her and posted a video about her on her phone.

The couple has broken up several times in the past but continues to get back together, even though it seems like their lives seem to be filled with even more drama.

As the BB24 cast plays for a nice $750,000 prize, the Summer 2022 season of Big Brother is well underway. Houseguests are battling it out against an entirely new set of people.

The latest episode of Big Brother featured a shocking blindside that shook up the competition. It certainly made things exciting for viewers at home, and it could have a lasting impact on the game.

The backstory behind the argument at the end of the live episode about Angela Rockstar's daughter's birthday was revealed by BB20 cast member Angela Rockstar outside the house.

On Paramount+, the previous seasons of Big Brother 24 and Celebrity Big Brother 3 with Shanna Moakler can be streamed so that viewers can catch up on the previous episodes or catch up on what is happening in the world of reality television.

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