The Ninth Season Of 90 Day Fiance Hasn't Even Begun, But One Star is already claiming scenes have been Fabricated

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

There are still plenty of wild moments in 90 Days Fiance despite its nine-year run. Some of them might even make fans wonder if they occurred while filming. 

Cast members regularly speak about scenes that appear unbelievable that were scripted and dramatized for effect, even though it doesn't happen very often. In Season 9, one of those things is happening. 

Kara Bass has claimed that one of her key scenes with Guillermo Rojer was fabricated while viewers eagerly await Part 2 of the tell-all to see Jibri Bell and John get into it.

It was Kara's controlling nature that attracted a lot of flak from fans during Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance. When Guillermo arrived in America, Kara refused to allow him to buy a laptop, insisting instead that they buy him something like a toothbrush first. 

Kara's fans have frequently referenced that moment when speaking out against her online, and it seems she's had enough. She claimed on Reddit that it was scripted for the show that Kara responded slyly about the laptop incident.

All of what happened between Kara and Guillermo concerning the laptop was a fabrication of the network, as Kara alleges. 

Accordingly, there are probably a good number of 90-Day Fiance fans regularly trolling Kara over an event crafted in a person's head rather than a reality. 

As such, it isn't surprising Kara finally struck back after all these weeks, perhaps as a means of stopping people from discussing it.

Despite TLC's refusal to confirm Kara's allegations, she isn't the first 90-Day Fiance cast member to claim fake scenes were filmed. It has been claimed by several cast members who have worked on the show in the past that producers encouraged them to perform scripted storylines. 

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas, who were already married but pretended to be unmarried during filming, were also examples of couples who split but faked being together for the film. Even though it's not exactly flagrant fakery, that's kind of a problem in itself.

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