25 Mar, 2023


The Marvel Studios Producer Victoria Alonso: Her Movies, Her Exit

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Victoria Alonso's Entry And Exit

Many have wondered just how involved Victoria Alonso was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why she left Marvel Studios since she left the company. 

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The Reason Behind Alonso's Exit

Alonso parted ways with Marvel Studios in March 2023, but Disney's subsidiary did not explain why. 

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Expecting The Answer

Alonso has left Marvel Studios for unknown reasons. Several reports have emerged over the past few weeks detailing many different accounts of why he is not working anymore for Marvel.

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Victoria Alonso's Previous Jobs

Before joining Marvel Studios in 2005, Alonso worked as a VFX producer on nine major feature film projects. 

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List of Alonso's Films

Her involvement in Marvel Studios predated Iron Man. She worked on nine films, including Sordid Lives - the only film he produced rather than VFX produced - It's the Kingdom of Heaven, The 6th Day, Shrek, Cats & Dogs, The Core, Darkness Falls, and 50 First Dates, Big Fish.

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The Marvel Role For Victoria Alonso

As a Marvel Studios executive vice president of post-production and VFX, Alonso led the studio's post-production work. 

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Departments She Worked

It includes processes such as, to name a few, I work with editing, sound mixing, and visual effects. Post-production is as complex as the prior stages (pre-production and production itself).

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MCU Movies And Series

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Alonso is an executive producer for every film, starting with 2012's The Avengers. It was released in March 2023 after Alonso left Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 3, and The Marvels are scheduled for release.

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Special Credits

Alonso also has extensive credits on Marvel Studio's feature films and the TV shows included within the Disney+ Marvel Universe.

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Victoria Alonso Left Marvel

Since Alonso has played a crucial role in every Marvel Studios project except The Incredible Hulk, the most pressing question is why she left Marvel Studios. 

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The Reason Needed To Be Clarified

It was unclear why Alonso left the company. Several reasons were given for her departure, but after she left, different reports began to surface.

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MCU Loses Victoria Alonso

There will likely be some impacts on the franchise as Alonso takes over VFX, post-production, animation, and even production starting in 2021. To ensure Phase 5 projects are as unaffected as possible, Marvel Studios will likely start searching for a replacement swiftly.

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