The Incredibly Popular Wednesday Series Hit A Major Success; The Nitty Gritty About The Series Is Hidden!

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Posted on: 22 Dec, 2022


Wednesday possesses many abilities, including weapon mastery, combat skill, born strategist, cello and science proficiency, supernatural abilities, and German fluency.

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A big heart!

Wednesday is capable of kindness that protects those she cares about. She has a big heart, regards friendship as a sign of weakness, and eventually becomes vulnerable. At the end of the series, the hug-hunter Enid, in a warm hug, shows a depth of love and emotion.

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Too far and impulsive!

Wednesday suspects Xavier is the Hyder because of his drawings and frequent presence at the scenes of Hyde’s attack. Wednesday is a natural strategist that leads her desire to be right and clouds her judgments sometimes. 

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Afraid of being alone!

Wednesday realizes that she does not want to be alone. She does not cry for Enid to return but makes it clear that she is scared of Goody's prophecy coming true. She enjoyed her solitary existence.

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Unable to control her psychic ability!

She describes it as electric shock therapy that leaves her vulnerable and occurs in dangerous situations, such as her first kiss that happens to Hyde. She is at her weakest when her powers take control.

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Lack of empathy towards her friends!

She receives a note leading her to the crypt, where her friends have planned a surprise birthday party. Wednesday is focused on her investigation that she does not acknowledge their gesture, leaving her friends unappreciated.

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Her love is her greatest weakness!

Wednesday is unraveling the mystery behind Hyde and its master. Wednesday's awkward way of expressing her love for Thing's weakness is Thing, and she may not be as untouchable as she seems.

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Wednesday needs to know when to stop!

Wednesday and Enid are attacked by Hyde and barely escape alive, but Wednesday does not stop even after that. Wednesday was obsessed and indifferent to the potential harm she may cause those around her.

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Attention seeker!

Wednesday is known for her extreme desire that makes her an outcast among outcasts. She is known for not caring about others and doing things her way. Her weakness is being the center of attention.

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