The horror film legend exits 'The Masked Singer'

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Posted on: 25 Nov, 2022

The Masked Singer

On The Masked Singer, Thanksgiving is Halloween.

Show's Fright Night episode

The show's Fright Night episode, likely delayed by the World Series, aired on Wednesday.

The Unmasked Scarecrow

The Scarecrow took off her mask and performed a self-exorcism. One other star in Masked Singer history is Mickey 'The Gremlin' Rourke.

Halloween mood of the show

The show was still in the Halloween mood on Wednesday when it aired its Fright Night episode, which was probably delayed because of the World Series.

Mackenzie McCarthy-Wahlberg

Mackenzie McCarthy-Wahlberg: 'I've never been as surprised on this show as I am right now.'

Ava Max's solo performance

After doing a solo version of Ava Max's 'Sweet But Psycho,' the Snowstorm stayed on top for another week.

Nikki is currently the host of Blind Date, and she also mentioned 'speed dating,' which Nikki did on Instagram Live during the pandemic.

The Masked Singer asks about Snowstorm. (Roasted chestnuts were another of her visual cues.)

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