The Grand Daddy I.U. rapper passed away peacefully in his sleep

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

News about the loss

The news has come to light that grandpa I.U. passed away at 54, as it was announced.

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He died peacefully in his sleep

Reports from American publications suggest that Cold Chillin' Records' prominent member passed away in his sleep.

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Uploaded by the business manager

In a post posted earlier this evening, his business manager appeared to confirm the sad news by wishing him a 'peaceful and easy transition.'

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Captioned a moving image

He shared a moving caption alongside an image of his friend on social media, despite his death not yet being confirmed.

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A letter to his Instagram followers

He wrote to his Instagram fans yesterday [December 13]: 'Rest in power, King. Hip Hop was in your DNA. @granddaddy_iu Thank You for your contribution.'

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Responding rhymes

'Waking up to this crazy. RIP ALMIGHTY GDIU!!' wrote Busta Rhymes in response to L.L. Cool J's update.

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Peacefully passed away

GDI died peacefully in his sleep, according to legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock, a longtime advocate of the rapper's lyrical abilities.'

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A career filled with successful hits

Hip-hop's golden age saw the late rapper Ayub Bey, from Queens, New York, release an array of successful hits throughout his career.

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Creating collaborations with artists

Aside from performing, the rapper was also a ghostwriter and producer, collaborating with artists such as Das EFX, Heltah Skeltah, KRS-One, and Ice-T.

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Demonstrate her devastation

Immediately after the news broke, Grand Daddy I.U.'s business manager took to Instagram to express her devastation: 'I am not okay. I'm devastated.'

Credits: People.com

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