The Game Awards 2022 confirmed Returnal for PC, coming 2023

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Posted on: 09 Dec, 2022

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Returnal, the biggest third-person roguelike hit of 2021, will be released on PC as one of the biggest news items at The Game Awards.

An announcement of awards

A world premiere, new information about titles, and award announcements have already begun during the pre-show of The Game Awards 2022.

Awaiting with anticipation

Among these events is Returnal's upcoming PC port, which players will surely look forward to.

Spacecraft control

As an astronaut trapped in a time loop and on an alien planet, players will take control of Returnal in 2023.

Several titles are slated for release

A flurry of upcoming titles and debuts has been revealed at The Game Awards 2022, which just concluded.

Release of a shooter title

As soon as this sci-fi third-person shooter title was released on April 30, 2021, players immediately took notice of its futuristic setting.

High-quality visuals

A later update called Ascension enhanced its stunning visual fidelity, introducing online cooperative multiplayer.

PlayStation's best-reviewed game

It's been a long time coming for Returnal, one of the best-reviewed PlayStation 5 games of last year, to be released on PC.

A recent Steam update

Players were all but confirmed that the 2021 roguelike shooter title would come to PC through a Steam update earlier this year.

Designs for visuals and combat

The visual and combat designs, as well as the audio design, were largely praised upon release by critics and fans alike

A game has been named

In the end-of-year ceremonies, the game was named the British Academy's Best Game, among numerous other awards.

No announcement has been made

PC gamers eagerly await one of last year's best PlayStation 5 exclusives on Windows PCs after developers have yet to announce a release date.

A keen interest shown by fans

In addition to joining the ever-growing list of titles that have made the leap from PlayStation to PC, fans will surely be keen to see what's coming next.

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