The future of Sisters is being teased by a 1,000-pound Chris Combs

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Posted on: 12 Aug, 2022

1000-Lb. Chris Combs has teased some hints about the future of Sisters in spoilers and updates. Fans have been wondering if the reality TV series will return for a fourth season. There are even reports that the show has been canceled. How is the show doing?

It wasn't just Chris Combs who starred in 1000-Lb. His first appearance on Sisters was when he replaced Tammy as Tammy's new weight loss buddy. After Amy Slaton underwent weight loss surgery, he replaced her. Furthermore, she became pregnant as well.

In the same way as Tammy, Chris also achieved his weight loss goal and qualified for weight loss surgery. Chris spilled some beans about a possible season 4 that fans have been waiting for.

In her social media posts, Amy Slaton Halterman hasn't mentioned the fourth season for 1000-Lb. The sisters. During her pregnancy, she posted updates and shared great news about the birth of her second son.

TLC was removed from some of Amy's family members' social media bios. Furthermore, she has expressed uncertainty about returning to the show. It may be possible for her to stay if she is given a shorter filming schedule.

Fans speculated that 1000-Lb. hadn't signed any contracts with the network after Chris mentioned they hadn't. There is a possibility that Sisters has been canceled.

Chris hinted that the show may not have been canceled after all in a video uploaded by Backwoods Barbi. Despite not going into further details, the TLC star revealed that they were currently filming. A fourth season has not been officially announced by the network, so fans will have to wait and see.

Additionally, fans have begun asking why the show rarely shows Tammy eating food. To qualify for weight loss surgery, she needs to lose weight. It's hard not to wonder if she doesn't feel comfortable being filmed while eating while viewers wait.

To lose weight, Tammy says she is doing the best she can. To see if she's following her recommended diet, fans want to know what she eats. She's never seen eating on camera, which some viewers believe means she binges in secret.Follow 1000-Lb to stay up to date. Currently, sisters. 

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