15 Dec, 2022


The Exavagerant Engagement Ring was was passed down from Princess Diana to Princess Kate

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Keeping it in the Rucksack

While narrating the tale of his proposal, Prince William said Prince William made sure to keep the ring safe. He carried it everywhere and in the Rucksack during the trip to Africa.

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The emotion behind the ring

Prince William said the ring's value is not the stone or its price. But it connects him to his mother, Diana.

Credits: Hollywood Life

Kate nods at her husband's statement

Prince William said his mother was not around, and keeping it with him kept him rooted, and proposing to Kate with it was the best thing. Kate nodded and said the ring was very special.

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Comparison of Kate and Diana

There is a constant comparison between Kate and Diana. William chucked down the controversy saying he or his wife could never take the mother's position. They are on their journey.

Credits: Harper's Bazaar

Duke and Duchess of Cornwall

They tied the knot a year later with Diana's ring. In the following years, Prince William and Kate expanded their family with three adorable Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Credits: The Daily Star

Tribute to Diana's ring

James Middleton paid tribute to the ring and proposed to his future wife with the ring. There is no prestigious heirloom worth a 12-carat ring. It has 12 diamonds around the Ceylon sapphire stone.

Credits: Daily Express

Annie Sulzberger, the Crown researcher

She asked why she must have Diana selected the ring could be because it matched her eyes, or it could be because her mother had a similar one.

Credits: Cinegirl

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