The death of Matt Roloff's father is announced in Little People, Big World

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Posted on: 04 Aug, 2022

In a sad announcement, Matt Roloff informed Little People, Big World fans that his father had passed away. As the Roloffs navigate their feuds this season, it has been extremely difficult for them. In the past, Matt's parents have made appearances,

Among TLC viewers, the Roloff family is beloved for their wholesome values and fun dynamic. Over 23 seasons have passed since the TLC show began, and fans have yet to get tired of their family struggles or farm shenanigans.

As viewers watched their relationship deteriorate for seasons, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are now divorced. It has been four generations since the couple's children were married and moved on from the farm. It is the Roloff grandparents that have stood the test of time, even though arguments have taken over.

It has been devastating news for Matt Roloff since he shared the news that his father has passed away. A very full life was lived by Ronald, according to his son, who died at the age of 84. As papa, he was referred to by the ten Roloff children, and he passed peacefully in his sleep.

After 63 years of marriage, Ronald leaves behind a wife. Several of the grandchildren, as well as Matt's mother, was by the side of their father during this difficult time.

Little People, Big World viewers will remember that in July of 2021, Matt mentioned that Ronald was struggling with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, requiring him to undergo chemo. Matt's mother also suffered injuries from a fall during the same time that Ronald battled blood cancer.

In the following weeks, Ronald received weekly chemo treatments, and his numbers improved. After Ronald's death, Matt did not reveal if Ronald died from cancer or if he died from other causes.

Recent events have dealt hard blows to the Roloff family. As Amy accused her ex-husband of going mad after pricing their two children from the farm, Little People, Big World fans watched with interest.

The extreme property markup has caused friction between Matt, Zach, and Jeremy, who all wanted their share. Matt now has to assist with the funeral arrangements for his father while negotiations are on hold.

It is well known that Ronald was extremely proud of his son and enjoyed spending time on the farm with the family. Matt's legacy will undoubtedly live on, thanks to his perseverance and memories.

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