28 Dec, 2022


The comedy special by Chris Rock on Netflix may boost Baltimore's economy

By FactsWow Team

Baltimoreans are eager to get started

Several people in Baltimore are excited not only for another Chris Rock comedy special but also for the potential impact this event could have on the city.

Credits: Rolling Stone

Announcement of streaming service

The streaming service announced Monday that Rock's upcoming special, 'Chris Rock: Selective Outrage Tour,' will premiere on March 4.

Credits: IndieWire

Publicity that benefits

Any positive publicity is awesome,' said Luke Catelli. 'If it's fun and entertaining, why not bring more?' Many are hopeful the special will bring the city into the spotlight.

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Underrated city, Baltimore

Baltimore is underrated. The Netflix special may also spruce up the local comedy scene. 'I think Baltimore is such an underrated city,' said Berenson.

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Previously performed

Rock's brother, Jordan Rock, has already performed at the Port Comedy Club in Fells Point, which opened just a couple of months ago.

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Local comedians get attention

In addition to Rock being behind the mic for this special, Matt Hurley hopes it will get more attention for local comedians.

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Watched as a child

Hurley says he grew up watching Chris Rock and was blown away when he saw the announcement.

Credits: Daily Mail

Baltimore runs recently

During Rock's recent Baltimore run, he sold out a series of sold-out shows briefly after Will Smith slapped him.

Credits: Eonline

Artists of a higher caliber

There is much hope that he will continue to visit, as well as that more top-notch artists will come to perform in Charm City.

Credits: Footwear News

A continuation by Catelli

Besides The Wire, we're more than that. It's been a long time since The Wire aired. Let's try something different, perhaps.' Catelli continued.

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The word is still pending

A venue for the special has yet to be announced, and no word is yet available about when tickets will be available.

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