The Brief Overview Of Amanda Rollins Law & Order

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Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

Detective Amanda Rollins

The most hardworking detectives of the show, ‘Law & Oder: Special Victims Unit, is played by amazing actor Kelli Giddish as ‘Detective Amanda Rollins.’

Season 13 of SVU’s Rollins: Law & Order

For the first time, appearing in Season 13 of SVU’s Rollins Law & Order has become a remarkable transformation during her 12 years in SVU. Rollins has now changed the most in Season 24.

Rollins is in grave danger of Season 24

Rollins was in charge of monitoring the key witness found in a safe house throughout her investigation. Once the case developed, Rollins explored the safe house to witness back to questioning, though the situation made South instantly.

Group of Gunmen

When Rollins and her witness left the safe house, they were attacked by a group of Gunmen. She tried to protect the witness from attack and collapsed a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Things were not looking good

When Rollins arrived at the SVU, things changed and not looking good for her. She was taken away in an ambulance while Rollins’ boyfriend, Sonny Carisi, was devastated and dumbstricken.

Rollins woke up in Hospital

Gratefully, Rollins woke up in Hospital and found Carisi standing at the bedside for assistance. Both smiled at each other and held hands with relief, but Rollins rocked through the event. Rollins also brushed paths with bullets. She sot in Season 14 as well.

Rollins Struggled while back at SVU

Episode 2 of ‘The one You Feed’ occurs within six weeks after the gunshots, through which Rollins stays out from the hospital bed and returns to work at the SVU. Tracing down to a gang of rapists, she used a job to divert herself from inner whizz due to the incident's aftermath.

Rollins Felt Careless for her own life

Rollins found that she was careless with her life, and the shooting happened as a result. Benson told her, ‘You never had anything to lose before. Moving further to the shooting, Rollins never viewed her time as more valuable.

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