The Best TV Shows of 2022

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 22 Dec, 2022

Andor – Disney+!

Andor is also known as Star Wars, a science-fiction action-adventure television series created by Tony Gilroy. It is the fourth live-action series in the Star Wars franchise and contains one season with twelve episodes.

Credits: TheForce.net

The Bear – FX!

The Bear is a comedy-drama television series created by Christopher Storer. The series is a thriller, funny, beautiful, rendered, and sharp, that can prize obeisance over potential achievement. It has one season with eight episodes.

Credits: IMDB

The Rehearsal – HBO Max!

The Rehearsal is a melodrama and meditation on the extreme human desire to control the uncontrollable. The series is a comedy television series created by Nathan Fielder, which contains one season with six episodes.

Credits: Loyola Maroon

The Dropout – Hulu!

The Dropout is a crime drama miniseries created by Elizabeth Meriwether. Holmes was a star; he was neither genius nor a visionary. The series contains eight episodes.

Credits: IMDB

Derry girls – Netflix!

Derry Girls is a sitcom created by Lisa McGee. The series has inspired a mural of its main characters painted on the side of Badgers Bar and Restaurant at 18 Orchard Street, and Derry has become a popular tourist attraction. It contains three series with nineteen episodes.

Credits: Catalonia today

The White Lotus – HBO Max!

The White Lotus is a black comedy-drama anthology television series created by Mike White. It has two seasons and thirteen episodes; the first season is in Hawaii, and the second season is in Sicily.

Credits: IMDB

Our Flag Means Death – HBO Max!

Our Flag Means Death is a romantic comedy created by David Jenkins. It contains scenes of the 18th-century aristocrat Stede Bonnet struggling to become a bloodthirsty pirate with the help of the swashbuckler Blackbeard. It contains one season with ten episodes.

Credits: IMDB

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