‘The Best Man’ Ends Up Storylines With A Limited Series On Peacock

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Posted on: 23 Dec, 2022

The Best Man: Cast and Crew

As ‘The Best Man’ was released in 1999, it features a cast of young Black actors such as Terrence Howard, Nia Long, and Taye Diggs. It was not only a box-office hit but also a new perspective movie, following the ups & downs of careers, love, and friendship by the young black professionals.

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Diggs was played as Harper

Diggs recalled and said, ‘I evoke the feeling when I read the script. Oh, it is something that I have never seen before. Black folks can represent in this way. Diggs played Harper, a victorious author. I never saw a project as I saw myself.

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Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut said at the time that he was thankful for the work and everything that came in front of him was a welcome bonus. He said, ‘Being an actor, you feel glad to get a job. You like the work and acquire a job that pays well.


Writer and Director, Malcom D. Lee

Writer and Director Malcom D. Lee brought together the cast and crew to make the sequel of 2013, ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ which will be a success now. He will wrap a story of eight episodes in a limited Peacock series called ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters.’

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More Real Estate Than Storytelling

Lee ties up the stories with two more movies. He said that there is more real estate than Storytelling. He created some ideas for the sequels of films in the show and took pleasure in stretching further and discovering different stories for new characters.

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The Film Dig Deeper In Personal Triumphs

The director said, ‘You will get more time to bolster the storyline and dig deeper into the career life, home life, and personal triumphs and struggles. The movies were the motivation, though; it grew towards something else.

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The Series gives Characters A Curve

Regina Hall said about the Series as it gives each character a curve, contrasting to feeding one storyline as a collection. I like to iterate and enjoy the movie. I would enjoy it as a movie. I love its characters, tribulations, and trials.

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