The 49-year-old Heidi Klum shows off her toned legs on the red carpet for 'AGT'

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Posted on: 15 Aug, 2022

Her stunning looks are no matter what she is wearing, whether she is makeup-free, nude, or showing off her abs in an underwear shoot. 

Even though she jokes she 'sucks' her husband's 'young blood' to stay young, we think her overall gorgeous appearance is heavily influenced by fitness and diet.

As she walked the red carpet for America's Got Talent earlier this week, the 49-year-old showed off her long, toned legs and a pink mini dress.

Klum also posted another red carpet pic to Instagram that evening, this time twinning with Sofia Vergara from America's Got Talent.  Both wore hot pink dresses and smiled wide as they stood side by side.

If you're awed by her legs like us, you're not alone. Two million dollars are insured on her legs! It's true. Klum clarified on “The Ellen Show” that she wasn’t the one to insure her legs: “I wasn’t the one to insure them,” later adding, “It's weird, the things people do!” 

Even though one of them is more expensive because of a childhood scar, we think that both are wonderful.

The super short miniskirts that show off Klum's legs have always been a favorite of hers, and she still wears them today. “ Legs are sexy, in my opinion.

Whenever I go out or get on the red carpet, I like to highlight my legs. On her latest red carpet appearance, her legs grabbed all the attention.

Is it possible for Klum to maintain such fabulous legs? According to her People interview, she enjoys running, walking with ankle weights on the treadmill, and lifting butts: 'Toned is good.' 

Klum's other trick for red carpet-worthy legs? Airbrush legs by Sally Hansen and fishnet stockings by Fishers.

Klum told another source that she maintains her overall health and fitness by avoiding liquids and raw foods before sleeping, as well as avoiding liquids during and after meals. Klum said he had more energy than ever before.

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