The 100th National Christmas Tree Lighting 2022

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Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

National Christmas Tree Lighting

It reveals that the 100th National Christmas tree lighting aired this Sunday Night on CBS, a rock show appraised by fan followers.

LL Cool J, a hip-hop star

The entire show was hosted by LL Cool J, and fans liked nothing, but they praised the things done by the hip-hop star.

Fan posted thoughts on Twitter

One fan commented on Twitter, ‘I love that LL Cool J is who hosted the National Christmas Tree Lighting because once I think of Christmas, I instantly think of LL Cool J’s.

Fans thought the Lighting was amazing

Another fan noted, ‘LL Cool J who hosted the National Christmas Tree Lighting is amazing and mind-boggling. He is among the most important folk in the history of Hip-hop’.

LL Cool J set the Stage

The third fan said, ‘I did not have LL Cool J on my bingo card by introducing POTUS and FLOTUS at the twelve-monthly National Christmas Tree lighting, but LL Cool J set the Stage and gave a great introduction.

Offered Holiday Message

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and President Joe Biden offered a holiday message during the Christmas Tree lighting show.

The Lighting features various performances

The National Christmas tree lighting featured several performances from the Estefans, Shania Twain, Andy Grammer, Joss Stone, and many more.

The actual tree lighting was held on November 30

The actual Christmas tree Lighting was held on November 30, and the broadcast allowed people to tune in nationwide.

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