14 Apr, 2023


The Final Four Suitors Of Bachelorette Star Charity Lawson

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Revealed The Final Four

Reality Steve Carbone already revealed the men who will be in Charity Lawson's final four for The Bachelorette. 

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Who Will Be The Lead?

Charity first appeared on Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season, where she got to hometowns week. In The Bachelor's 27 'Women Tell All' special, the 27-year-old was announced as the next Bachelorette lead.

Media Credits: People

An Instagram Post

The Bachelorette season 20 spoiler has been revealed by Reality Steve himself on his Instagram account.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan

Final Four After The Suitors

After revealing his 29 Bachelorette suitors, Charity revealed his final four: Hawaii resident Joey Graziadei Doctoral candidate Xavier Bonner San Diego resident Aaron Bryant Brooklynite Dotun Olubeko 

Media Credits: Twitter

Expectations On Tanner Cortad

The hometowns week filming has confused Steve initially thought Tanner Cortad was also in the final four. Tanner and Joey are from Pennsylvania, so this was due to needing clarification about the filming.

Media Credits: Bachelor Nation Wiki-Fandom

Fans Showed Their Excitement

A few commenters on Charity's Instagram post expressed excitement at seeing three Black men in the final four. Michelle Young had the first female Bachelorette in the final four, including only BIPOCs.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Mike Fleiss's Exit

After accusations of racial insensitivity, Mike Fleiss exited the franchise, bringing the Bachelorette to a halt. 

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Racial Issue Stars

Previous Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis claimed Mike was responsible for racial issues on the long-running dating show after he left. 

Media Credits: Sun Sentinel

Critics Of Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison left as host, perhaps the biggest change after years of criticism about how the Bachelor franchise handled race. Chris Lindsay was accused of starting speculation about his return by the first Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

First Female In Final Four

As the perfect Bachelorette from Zach's season, Charity expressed enthusiasm about having the opportunity to represent little girls like herself. 

Media Credits: StyleCaster

Its Final Four Time

Hopefully, the final four suitors will find Charity a fairytale romance, even if her season was rushed. As they are already filming hometowns, Bachelor Nation will immediately see Charity's journey.

Media Credits: The US Sun

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