Teddi Mellencamp upset over leaked wedding invitation from former RHOC husband

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 01 Aug, 2022

According to Teddi Mellencamp, she shared screenshots from her DM conversation with Jim Edmonds [ex-husband of Meghan King from Real Housewives of Orange County] regarding a leaked wedding invitation.

A picture of Jim's wedding invitation was posted to John Mellencamp's daughter's Instagram story (and she read it on her podcast.) In response, Jim asked Teddi if she received a copy of the invitation from his ex.

Jim wasn't satisfied with Teddi's explanation that she received a DM from a follower with wedding details. In order to prove it wasn't Meghan, Teddi had to cross out the IG user's handle.

In addition to refusing to share her source, Teddi invited Slippery Jim and his fiance to appear on her podcast to explain their side of the story.

In response to Jim not getting his way, the former RHOBH star went off on him. In my opinion, he is just another petulant man-child. Because of the trash you put on your podcast, I'm calling you off.

And your trashy guest making fun of someone else who is trying to live a good life...that makes you trash...I feel bad for you and your family if that's how you make your living. I hope you have a nice life piece of sh*t.'

There is a 24-hour expiration date on Instagram stories. It's a good thing screenshots last forever.

Source: tasteofreality

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