20 Dec, 2022


Tattoo Artist makes a stunning piece on her chest

By FactsWow Team

The Tattoo Home studio

An Artist at the studio has tattooed her chest, and the end is beautiful.

Credits: Cosmopolitan

Took longer

The artist recalls the time she took behind the tattoo, as it did take a while, but it was intricate.

Credits: The New York Times

Experiencing the pain level

The artist is still in her learning phase and is learning herself first. She feels it is important to take note of the pain in herself.

Credits: Insider

Pig skin and Fake Skin

Usually, tattoo artists learn the tattooing procedure by doing trials and errors on Pig Skin, Fake Skin, and Oranges. Then they take over the clients like people from their groups and family.

Credits: Public Delivery

Not easy

A tattoo is not like a sketch one draws in a book. The artist must keep their hand firm and steady with the vibrating machine.

Credits: Tatring


The investment into purchasing the machinery, besides passion, skills, and love for the tattoo, is equally important.

Credits: Quora

Looks different

Something may look nice on paper but not so much on the skin. Only some people can be tattoo artists, too. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Credits: slate.com

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