21 Dec, 2022


Tammy And Jordan Myers Shared Family Christmas Holiday Plans As Their Dream

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Myers family Legal Battle

Christmas came with a joyful moment for some couples like the Myers family, who underwent a lengthy legal fight to adopt their biological kids that ended a few weeks ago. Tammy said, 'I pinch myself and say, oh my gosh, we in the end, adopted our kids.'

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Tammy and Jordan Finalized the Twins

Tammy and Jordan, 39, confirmed the adoption of 23-month-old biological twins of Ellison and Eames, who were born on January 11, 2021, through a gestational carrier on December 8. It gave the couple and their daughter, Corryn, the greatest gift they could expect.

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Tammy's words on the adoption process

Tammy said the previous month, 'Words can't convey how excited we're to put the whole adoption process behind us. This enduring whirlwind is normal and the craziness led us to enjoy the special moment'.

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Tammy had Cancer

After the birth of the couple's daughter, Corryn, they wished to expand the family, and due to Breast cancer, Tammy couldn't carry more kids. Hence, the duo chose surrogacy to have more children.

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It was so Crazy and Unbelievable

Tammy said, 'I did it through Cancer and pulled out the process years later. I still looked back and believed, 'Holy Crap, did I suffer from Cancer? It is a wow moment now, and I feel blessed about this. It was so crazy, traumatic, and unbelievable at every level.

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This has always been our Dream

The couple planned to celebrate this Christmas along with family. Tammy said, 'This has always been our Dream. We've now a family and plan to detach and be a family this Christmas. We don't need to be anxious about anything that we underwent through eight years.

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The couple aimed at Changing Surrogacy laws

In 2023, the couple will fight again not to adopt their kids but to ensure that no other family will face such a similar ordeal. The Myers continue working with lawmakers to pass the senate bills for changing Michigan's surrogacy laws.

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The Best Christmas Gift

Tammy said, 'This is the best Christmas gift that we asked for having the adoption process finalized. It will make our Christmas the best. Going ahead is the best way to begin 2023, passing these surrogacy laws.

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