Taika Waititi is aware of who Chris Hemsworth would play on Our Flag, which means death

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Waititi and Hemsworth’s discussion

Waititi and Hemsworth discussed the possibility of the other acting in a pirate comedy series with Collider. The director of Love and Thunder quipped that Hemsworth would portray.

The Love and Thunder stars went on to state

The stars of Love and Thunder went on to say that they might 'do anything [the other] requested [them] to do,' which may include starring in Our Flag Means Death. 

Waititi said in reference to the Team Thor short films

'Any opportunity to get along and play and do stuff is like — I was viewing those Thor and Darryl short flicks. You understand?' Waititi was referring to the Marvel Studios Team Thor short films he directed.

'And that was really just like to test out this new version of Thor just before Ragnarok.

'And it was basically simply a test run for this new Thor just before Ragnarok. In Australia, we made these small mini Thor flattings with this guy Darryl.

HBO Max renewed Our Flag Means Death for a second season in June

'We believed the program was extraordinary while we were creating it,' Jenkins explained at the time of the renewal.

Thank you to our HBO Max team

Thank you to our HBO Max team, our devoted executive producers, and our tremendously passionate audience for allowing us to return to this universe.

Created by David Jenkins

Our Flag Means Death is a historical comedy directed by David Jenkins that stars Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet, a nobleman who abandons his family to pursue a life of piracy.

Waititi, not only executive produces but also iconic pirate captain Blackbeard

Waititi not only executive produces but also appears as the iconic pirate captain Blackbeard, who develops a mutual love affinity for Bonnet.

Waititi is working on a number of other projects. Thor: Love and Thunder

Along with Our Flag Means Death, Waititi is working on a number of other projects. Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi and starring Hemsworth.

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