16 Dec, 2022


Superman Henry Cavill's cameo appearance in The Flash scuffed

By FactsWow Team

Superman Cameo

Earlier, the news of Henry Cavill's return as Superman was announced, and it made hype among the fans.

Credits: Cinema Daily US

Excited about the Solo release

Fans loved watching him in Black Adam and were waiting for the solo release. But the maker, Peter, and James announced Henry Cavill wouldn't appear in the Superman movie.

Credits: ANTARA News

Ezra Miller's The Flash

Fans were sad but also optimistic regarding Henry's appearance as Superman in The Flash.

Credits: Hollywood Life

Henry's Charges

Although Henry's Superman was canceled, he had some cameo appearances in projects like Black Adam.

Credits: New York Post

New Update

Now DC gives another shocker. First, they scrapped Wonder Woman 3 and canceled Henry Cavill's Clark Kent(Superman)

Credits: Observatorio do Cinema-UOL

Next Venture

Henry Cavill's made his debut in Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. Fans were sure there was a next Superman venture on the way. Henry also shot for Ezra Miller's The Flash. The Twitter handle Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez's said Henry was paid 250,000 dollars for it.

Credits: The Economic Times

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