The Summer I Turned Pretty' Season 2's True Villain Is Belly

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First Glimpse of the Second Season

In the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty, the first glimpse in the video is entirely related to Isabel 'Belly' Conklin and her feelings for boys.

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Lola and her feelings for two boys

Lola and her feelings for two boys who are brothers to each other, and her threesome feelings with Conard and Jeremiah can be seen in season 2.

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She liked Conrad

Lola’s feelings turn to Jeremiah from Conrad in the second season. We saw at the end of the last episode of the first season, she preferred Conrad, he is Jeremia’s growing brother and Belly is her old friend.

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A twist turned out

So, a twist turned out for 'Belly’s feelings for brothers in the second season. The Summer I Turned Pretty has reached at final end, and the second to last scene climax was more thriller than the final episode, with a large number of twists and turns seen in the finale, The second has a lot of changes than the last one.

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The previous outbreak

In the previous outbreak, we saw a Love Triangle of Belly. Conards finds Belly and Jeremiah in a fierce smooch and is stunned by what he witnessed.

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Conrad stabbed by his only love

He was so calm earlier after he completed his examination, but his feelings got stabbed when he had a glimpse of his brother kissing her best lady, his love Belly.

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Conard fakes tone

After he catches his brother and Belly, Conard in his usual tone, acts like he is not in pain and tells them to not discontinue and he is absolutely interfering.

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Brothers and their love lady

Jeremiah and Belly are still confused about their feelings because have not forgotten Belly yet and feel the same as before but there is much twist in the story when they are staying in the shelter for the night.To know the full story of what has actually happened and Belly chooses whom in the end Visit the Facts Wow website.

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