Suga of BTS is ready to serve as a social service agent in the Military

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Active Military Service

When Jin began his active duty military service, sources shared on Tuesday that Suga from BTS would carry out the mandatory military service as a social service agent.

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Yonhap News Agency quoting the Military

a announced that the 29-year-old rapper was assigned to a social service agent, not an active-duty soldier.

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Other details

The other details of when the enlistment happens are unknown.

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Suga's date of service is extended

As per the law, Suga's service is deferred until the next year as he was born in 1993, and the law states. Those who excel in popular culture and art' postpone their service until 30

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South Korea Rules

In South Korea, it is a rule that everyone able is supposed to serve in the Military for 18-21months.

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Big Hit Music

They have denied any comments on this matter. Members of the band will be enlisted as per their plans, which is a private matter.

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Suga is assigned active non duty

Some reports suggest this is because he underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum in 2020.

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