21 Dec, 2022


Strange World: Jake Gyllenhaal Called It As ‘Mysterious & So Rich Alive’

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Jake Gyllenhaal

The Hollywood actor of Jake Gyllenhaal, who gave his voice for the role of Searcher Clade to the animated movie, Strange World, exposed that the film is about ‘how folks tackle the environment situations at large.’


Three Generations of Men

The movie unveils the tale of three generations of men for Searcher. Ethan and Clade family-Jaeger. Their ride took them into a world that no one knew existed. They will come across as never-before-seen mortals.

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Strange World is An Incredible

Jake Gyllenhaal called the ‘Strange World’ incredible and said, ‘It is so alive, rich and mysterious. These are the layers and things within the images that one could watch thrice fourth or fifth times. It is something to discover. The artistry and illustrations are mind-blowing’.

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The theme of Environment is Key

Jake Gyllenhaal talked about the theme of environment and family, which are key to the story. He added, ‘It starts with discovering ourselves in taking responsibility within family, being a good listener and a big part. The microcosm of family affects the macrocosm of the world. The environment is a space, and how we behave with it is essential.

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The Listening Part is Everything

Jake added further, ‘We couldn’t stay away from it. The listening part is everything, and the movie is about how we behave with the environment, what we do in the end, and what we do to ourselves. Truly, the environment will survive.

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The strange world will premiere on 23rd December 2022

Jake cannot say the same fact about human beings as they bloomed on the planet and gave environmental calamity. ‘Strange World’ will premiere on 23rd December 2022 on the platform Disney+ Hot star.

Credits: Footwear News

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