Steve Harvey Addresses Cheating Rumors On His Wife, Marjorie Bridges

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Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey spoke about the recent rumors surrounding his life in a personal statement on Friday. After seeing the online chatter, Harvey felt it was important to set the record straight and clarify the situation.

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The Television Host

Through a video post on X (previously known as Twitter), a 66-year-old television host crossly slammed on the rumors that his 58-year-old wife, Marjorie Bridges, supposedly cheated on him through the personal chef and the couple's bodyguard.

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Apologized On 'Unfunny Comic' Tweet

Steve Harvey also apologized for an unfunny comic tweet uploaded on 'X,' which he described was posted on his account through one of a staff associates. Harvey mentioned on 25th August that he is personally addressing this.

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The Celebrity Family Feud Host

The video was received from the waist up and showed the host of 'The Celebrity Family Feud' wearing a green cargo-patterned sun hat with a white short-sleeved shirt that came up with two black strings into it.

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A Harvey's Post Went Viral

Earlier this week, a post on 'X' social media went viral stating that Steve Harvey was getting a divorce from his wife, Marjorie Bridges, when she reportedly had an affair with one personal chef and a bodyguard who was pictured in Las Vegas in 2015.

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Bridges Cheated Harvey

In a video, Steve Harvey slammed the rumors that Marjorie Bridges cheated on him along with a personal chef and a bodyguard. In 2019, captured in a snapshot, the television host confirmed a declaration on the resilient relationship, 'Our bond is solid, we're in a good place.

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Harvey was out of the Green Grass

Amidst a backdrop of lush green grass and a pristine white fence, Harvey took his stance. In the video, he squarely confronted the swirling rumors regarding Bridges's alleged infidelity, vehemently dismissing them with a powerful slam.

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The Cheating Rumors

Despite the online chatter, Steve Harvey insists that his marriage is fine and urged fans to stop spreading rumors and gossip. The talk show host noted that he does not have time for the false claims of infidelity surrounding him and his wife, and he emphasized the importance of respecting their privacy.

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56-Seconds Long Video

In the video, Steve Harvey spends the remaining 56 seconds apologizing for a now-deleted tweet asking about comedians his followers didn't find funny rather than addressing the rumors about his personal life.

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A Staff Member Wrote The Tweet

Steve Harvey addressed the since-deleted tweet, apologizing for it and noting that it was not written by him personally but by a staff member. He explained that he does not have time for rumors or gossip and that he and his wife are good, despite what people may say online.

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Negative Post On Twitter

A staff member wrote a tweet that was taken negatively, and Steve Harvey is taking responsibility for it. He clarified that it was meant to encourage people to discuss less popular comedians and apologized for the confusion. As the boss, he understands the importance of taking responsibility for his team's actions.

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