20 Dec, 2022


Stacey Abrams honors Latto with her day in Clayton County

By FactsWow Team

Giving and Receiving

Latto gave it all; now it's time for her to receive, according to Stacey. Latto, nominated for Grammy's in 2023, was presented her day, 'Latto Day,' at Clayton County.

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Keys to Clayco

Not just a day in her honor, but Stacey gave Latto the keys to her hometown Clayco. The honor is given because of Latto's philanthropic efforts for the community.

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Win some, give some

The honor is mainly due to Latto's non-profit Win Some Give Some held on Second Christmas in Clayco.

Credits: Yahoo News

Latto owes it to Stacey

Latto, honored with so many things, said she owes it to Stacey, and she will continue using her platform to create opportunities for Clayton Youth.

Credits: WorldWide

Latto Day on 18th Dec

The Grammy-nominated star distributed Christmas dinner, gifts, and necessary things to 500 local families. Stacey, Clayton County Alieka Anderson commissioner, and Clayton County Board of Education Jessie Goree attended the event. The title was given to Latto during the holiday drive.

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Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center

The venue was decked in a Christmas vibe and gifts. It had turkey TVs, bikes, cars, and a whole Turkey. A massive Christmas tree and a very subtle and happy Christmas vibe.

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