Sports Star Daughter Alexandra Eckersley Left A Newborn Baby In Cold Forest

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Posted on: 29 Dec, 2022

The daughter of Sport Star

A baseball star’s daughter left a newborn baby in the chilly forest when heavy winter storms occurred in some parts of America.

Credits: USA Today

Alexandra Eckersley

The adopted daughter, Alexandra Eckersley, was homeless, and at the time, she gave birth to a boy in the region of New Hampshire woods. She left the baby before Christmas Day at sub-zero temperature.

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American Baseball Pitcher

Alexandra, the adopted kid of an American Baseball Pitcher and inductee of Hall of Fame Dennis Eckersley, told the authorities that she’d saved herself first if it interrogated on the dumping of a newborn baby.

Credits: NBC Sports

Felony Reckless Behavior

The 26-year-old woman was accused of felony reckless behavior and a second-degree extreme difference who jeopardized the child's well-being. Also, she fabricated the physical proofs as confirmed by local authorities.

Credits: Chicago Tribune

Manchester Police Department

Authorities of the Manchester Police Department got a call from a woman around 12:40, and later the woman recognized as Eckersley who’d given birth to the newborn baby in Woods when it was less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below 6C.

Credits: Jersey Shore Online

Revealed the Exact location of Baby

The police said in a statement, ‘the mother found the exact location of the baby in an hour and took the officers to that region.’ The officers treated the baby with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and after that, he was taken to a local hospital.

Credits: Spinning Babiies

The Baby Was Found in a Tent

According to sources, it revealed that the baby was found in a tent and was not crying. When the officers told the lady why she left the newborn boy, she said, ‘What do they say you if a plane crash? Save yourself first.

Credits: Manchester Ink Link

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