24 Dec, 2022


Spoilers from January 2 to January 6 from the Bold and Beautiful

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January 3 of Bold and Beautiful

On a stormy night, Carter and Katie share a romantic dinner. Finn and Sheila are ready for some action when Sheila appears.

Credits: Daytime Confidential

January 4 of Bold and Beautiful

Sheila asks for a chance with Finn and Steffy, and they are surprised. Taylor and Brooke become friends and start the journey together.

Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

January 5 of Bold and Beautiful

Liam and Wyatt are tensed with Bill's way of processing things. Sheila, as mentioned, has a way of convincing Finn and Steffy and get what she wants.

Credits: TV Season Spoilers

Bill's Dilemma

He is still thinking about what's wrong with his father and Thomas, which leads him to pay a hefty price for his sins.

Credits: TVInsider

Sheila manipulates

Sheila tries to convince her husband and son that she is changed for the good.

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January 6 of Bold and Beautiful

The soap will telecast the old episode, which aired on August 1, 2022.

Credits: Soaps

January 2 of Bold and Beautiful

Thomas is trying his best and pleasing the Foresstor Board. Sheila's next step is full of angst and rivalry.

Credits: Soap Hub

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