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Spoilers for General Hospital June 27 - July 8

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Spoilers for General Hospital June 27 - July 8

The latest General Hospital spoilers are up at Soaps.com for the two weeks ahead from Monday, June 27, to Friday, July 8. The Fourth of July brings sparks flying between Alexis and her new sparring partner, Sonny and Spencer have an uncomfortable conversation, Cody gets distracted.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 27:

The situation could get messy - and even loud - when Olivia argues with Nina and Sasha. Willow in a combustible mix is not likely to help matters!As Sonny sees it, Brando and Dex need to put aside their differences and work together. Good luck, boss!Drew is crystal clear about where he stands with Valentin.

On Tuesday, June 28th, General Hospital spoilers include:

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that bathing suits aren’t the only revealing things at the Metro Court pool. That proves true today when something unexpected leads to a bit of info coming to light.Michael’s making plans for his next move against Sonny… and you’ll never guess who overhears!Nina and Obrecht discuss their love lives.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, June 29:

It turns out that Cody’s just full of surprises. Dante and Sam find that out when they discover he has a connection they never suspected.Spencer hopes that Brad will be able to lend him a helping hand. Britt, however, thinks that’s a bad idea all around!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 30:

It ain’t easy being the Face of Deception, especially given all of the other stresses Sasha’s been under of late. As she prepares for her big TV appearance on the company’s behalf, will Felty’s arrival prove helpful… or disastrous?When Chase is in need of a little advice, his dad and brother are there to provide it.

Friday, July 1 spoilers for General Hospital:

Is there anyone who doesn't like a good proposition? Will Nina accept one Drew offers her? (Sonny doesn't have to worry... this is a business proposal!) Meanwhile, Carly tries to be evasive when she crosses paths with Sonny. Can he figure out what she's hiding?As Spencer and Cameron begin to help Trina, things quickly go awry!

Cody has a good time with Dante and Rocco until the newcomer catches a glimpse of Spinelli? Now why is that bothersome to him?The following are General Hospital spoilers for July 4:As a result of the holiday, the soap's episode from Wednesday, November 24, 2021, will air again.

Spoilers for General Hospital on Tuesday, July 5:

In the wake of Sasha's outrageous behavior, Brando is forced to make a decision that can only be described as difficult.Nina can tell Sonny something's wrong... but can she tell him what?During their time at the Quartermaine stables, Michael and Willow are interrupted by Cody.Britt is surprised by what she learns from Kevin

This week's spoilers for General Hospital:

Chase didn't agree with Finn's assessment. Finn's convinced he's right, but Chase won't show his support. Meanwhile, Ned is pretty sure he knows exactly why Brook Lynn is so upset.Alexis wonders why Gregory hasn't risen to the challenge she set before him. We have a pretty good idea why this is happening: The show's increasingly chaotic pace)

Despite Anna and Valentin's apparent progress in their relationship, Laura is concerned about Laura's friend's relationship. The main reason? Victor's influence on their son. And guess what else? We'll let you guess who Valentin is meeting with in the park while Laura is voicing her concern!When she sees who Kevin has brought to visit her, Elizabeth may be caught off guard.

Thursday, July 7 General Hospital spoilers:

On the contrary end of another topic, Ned and Olivia are at odds. Unlike last time, this time it's the newcomer Cody that's got them seeing things differently.What is it about Britt and Terry's arrival that derails their attempt to bond, while they speak about everything from their jobs to dating prospects?After hearing a portion of Anna's phone call, Victor is curious about what he heard.

When Brook Lynn and Chase agree that it's time to talk, will they finally realize just how right they are for one another and put an end to all the delaying nonsense?Verbal sparring is practically a mating call for Alexis. Gregory has my hope that he'll be able to keep up with her in the ring!

On Friday, July 8, General Hospital spoilers will include:

The real fireworks won't be in the sky when July 4th arrives a few days late in Port Charles. Valentine will be surprised by Nina's reaction. A friend in need finds that Olivia is a friend indeed. Well, she tries to be, anyway!

After a conversation with Sonny, Spencer sees things from a different perspective. Dante and Cody reminisce over old times... or at least they do until the newcomer finds himself distracted by another's arrival.A romantic picnic in the park was going well for Austin and Maxie until Britt arrived. Then Spinelli showed up to make things even more awkward!

Willow and Michael's holiday is about to get derailed. You never know what Victor has in store for them next... Check out our photo gallery below to learn more about the Cassadine family.

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