Southern Charm: Here's why fans aren't happy with Whitney's guitar playing

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Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

Whitney Sudler-Smith played the guitar for Patricia Altschul's dog wedding in the latest Southern Charm episode, and fans have praised his ability to shred. Many Southern Charm followers were surprised to learn that Whitney is the creator and producer of the hit Bravo series.

In the first few seasons, the actor and musician played a prominent role, but his screen time decreased after season three. Since that time, he has made cameo appearances and has a recurring role as a 'friend of'.

Even though Whitney has stepped back from the spotlight in Southern Charm, his mother Patricia has been a constant fixture. Frequently hosting dinners and parties at her Charleston mansion, the resident matriarch provided witty commentary on the lives of the cast members.

Southern Charm fans have alleged that Patricia favors the men on the show, hosting dinner parties for only men. Nevertheless, she soon became more inclusive and began hosting many women's events.

In a recent episode of Southern Charm, Patricia informed Shep Rose that Little Craig had sullied Peaches. She demanded that Little Craig make Peaches an honest dog and marry her as soon as possible.

Patricia hosted a dog wedding in her backyard, complete with an officiating veterinarian. As a member of his former band Renob, Whitney played his electric guitar during the ceremony.

A Reddit user u/newnewster asked, 'Why did they let Whitney play guitar at the dog wedding?' Southern Charm fans were not impressed with his skills. He is an inexperienced guitarist and I don't understand why he is asked to participate.”

Several Southern Charm fans shaded Whitney by stating that he was allowed to play during the episode due to his position as producer.

One Redditor stated that Whitney is the creator and producer of Southern Charm and therefore able to do almost anything. Another writer stated, 'And it was his mommy's turn to host an event so they could record it.' Her stories are always centered around him.' 

As one Southern Charm fan pointed out, 'He even played the recessional music as the processional music during his wedding ceremony.”

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