Sooyoung And Park Sung Hoon Lean In Close In Not Others

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Comedy Drama “Not Others”

According to a famous webtoon, A wonderful Comedy drama ' Not Others” shows us a delightful living together story of a cool daughter and a clumsy mother. A single parent and a bubbly physical therapist Jeon Hye Jin stars as Kim Eun Mi, with her daughter who is 29-years old. So on the drama the Sooyoung plays Eun Mi’s daughter Kim Jin Hee and on that story instead of on her cases the police headquarters watch group leader who desperately needs to take action against her mom.

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Mother Daughter relationship

A best part of this drama is the experience between the two actors, who display outstanding visuals and chemistry of mother and daughter relationship which is very different from normal. Eon Hyejin and SNSD's Sooyoung also hangout in the published banner. however, Jeon Hyejin’s flawless looks, revel in Kim Eunmi’s immature and uncertain expression.

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The Dependable and intelligent daughter in the drama Choi Sooyoung plays the role of Kim Jinhee, and in the drama Kim is seen to holding a vacuum cleaner in her pocket with one hand at the same time with a funny expression all over on her face. The beautiful combination between them is unmistakable however they are adorable people and he kind of cooperative energy they will deliver are the subject of high expectation.

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Two Episode left Until the Finale

According to the story only two episodes were left until the finale, after falling for each other the Kim Jin Hee and Eun Jae Won (Park Sung Hoon) are making viewers excited. Specifically, on episode 11 they raised expectation for the viewers on their romance and changing in the relationship, by asking the Eun Jae Won, 'Do you like me? Sunbae,'

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Making Romantic Atmosphere

On the recent episode Kim Jin Hee and Eun Jae won a second from a kiss. They making a much romantic atmosphere than before and look at one another eyes gently. The two featuring a change in their relationship with exchange looks.

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Broadcast of Episode 11

On August 21, the drama cast shared broadcast of Episode 11, In which Kim Jin Hee and Eun Jae Won confirm their feelings for each other. Fans are more excited to see their relationship closer than before and also wanted to see the romantic and private scenes that follows.

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Also in the next episode the Choi Sooyoung and Park Sung Hoon will convey their feelings of love with their romantic chemistry that's look so perfect, So show lots of interest and expectation.

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With the continue of the drama I’m totally like this drama and also surprised this week by two things. In the first place the killer ended up the story line wonderfully, which brings to Jin-hee and Jae-won close together also confirm their family for the relationship with the policeman. however, also surprised with the second thing that behind the scenes how well it to keep Jin-hee and Jae-won and afterward quietly snap them together. Yet, it fell off so normal this week that I asked why I even addressed it.

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