Son Josiah is the 'completer of our family', says LPBW's Tori Roloff

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Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Tori Roloff's baby fever is growing more vital. A new look at Josiah Luke, the baby's big brother, was shared by the doting mother, real name Victoria Elizabeth Patton.

Three new photos of baby Josiah were posted on Instagram by his mother, who is the star of 'Little People, Big World.'.

Three-month-old baby looks like he's winking in the first photo, which shows him with his tongue out and a big smile on his face.

Upon looking at the second photo, Josiah's eyes were wide open and his hand was clenched. In the third photo, he wore a black outfit that further appealed to his mother's fans. 

Her enjoyment of Josiah's growth is because he completes her 'family,' and from now on, she will experience many lasts.

According to Tori, she is 'obsessed with watching Jackson and Lilah with him' and her family is 'so spoiled' by him and his love. They have two older children, Liliah Ray and Jackson Kyle.

Users gushed over the toddler in the comments as well as on the Instagram post, which received 27k likes. He's such a ham, wrote a fan. As the baby of the family, he has a perfect personality. In addition, he's your twin!'

A third follower advised Tori to frame the first picture since she 'made such beautiful babies' with her husband. Another fan observed that baby Josiah was growing rapidly, which several others concurred with.

To celebrate her baby's first month, Tori shared a photo dump to mark the milestone, and fans have been devouring it.

The Blast reported that Josiah wore gray hoodies and black pants in the first image in the influencer's carousel. A month counter with leaves circling month one is placed beside the tot.

Josiah poked his tongue out at the sign that read '1-month-old' on the next slide. A month has passed since Tori gave birth to her bundle of joy, and she expressed shock in the caption.

Afterward, she revealed that her baby boy, who loves eating, had not skipped a meal. Adding that the one-month-old 'now enjoys bath time' and has 'longer moments of alertness,' the reality star said: “He loves to look at his family!”

The caption concluded with Tori's reiteration of the Roloffs' love for Josiah, along with the hashtags “Josiahlukeroloff” and “zandtpartyoffive.”

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