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Some Strange Facts About Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

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Return of the Director

Amidst the release of Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson, the director, said he would like to return with a visceral movie, and he did in May 2021.

Credits: MouseInfo.com

Title, first announcement

Kevin Feige announced the release date and title of the movie before it even had a screenwriter. Jade Halley was announced as the screenwriter in October 2019.

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Horror Marvel?

Derrickson wanted horror elements, while Kevin had to clarify that Doctor Strange would be a big MCU movie with scary elements but not a horror film.

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Beholding Disney,

Kevin announced the show. Wandavision would set the Multiverse of Madness, and Doctor Strange would show up in the show. The bit that didn't happen and Loki introduced the Multiverse of Madness.

Credits: Digital Spy

Derrickson leaves Doctor Strange

Since he wanted horror elements that didn't match the movie's theme,e, he dropped out and went to direct The Black Phone.

Credits: Daily Mail

New Writer joins in

Bartlett's script was introduced after Derrickson's exit. Michael Waldron, who also wrote Loki, was hired for Doctor Strange.

Credits: Vanity Fair

Sam Raimi, the Modern Superhero introductory

Sam, was introduced to direct the films. He bad horror movies and made the Evil Dead Movies. He also directed the Spiderman Trilogy. Eventually, he put the worries behind him and directed

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Covid 19 changes

While the writer and director had little time to direct and write the script, it was in their favor that the pandemic hit, and MCU movies were pushed further.

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The changes in the script and concept

Earlier, Multiverse of Madness was supposed to be released before Spider-Man was no way home. But MCU moved the schedule, and Spiderman was due first.

Credits: GamesRadar

Wanda is the Villain

Wanda was the Scarlett Witch, as per Waldron. Elizabeth Olsen was initially hesitant but later took over to discover the fun elements.

Credits: Den of Geek

Rachel McAdams' Christine Palmer

Waldron and Raimi both earlier decided not to cast Rachael. But it was not approved, so Palmer was in the first half of Multiverse.

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Michael Stuhlbarg had a major role

The actor saw a very small scene, and it was odd. He was supposed to play the Earth-838 version of Dr. West, who ends up dead.

Credits: Hollywood.com

Raimi's Campbell staple

Bruce Campbell is a good friend of Raimi and has been in all his movie to play a cameo. He played the iconic pizza poppa in the Multiverse.

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John Krasinski as Reed Richards

It is the most popular scene on the internet. John is shown as a member of the Illuminati. But he dies immediately, which is MCU fans' favorite part.

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Krasinski is a last-minute thing

Earlier it was decided that Daniel Craig would pay the Balder. But the movie was shot at Covid 19 was rampant. Craig didn't want to risk it and gave it to a family member as it was a one-day thing.

Credits: The Dislnsider

Unusual pandemic circumstances

It was a chaotic shoot, as John shot during reshoots. He never met Elizabeth Olsen.

Credits: Quora


Gargano's, as per the comic book of Doctor Strange, was renamed in the movie as Shuma-Gorath.

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Massive success overnight

The movie was released post-pandemic while it was still on. The movie made $454.4 million worldwide during the first weekend.

Credits: Collider

Another Dictor Strange

There were ideas if the sorceress character Clea to be in the movie, but Waldron kept it on hold and let Palmer take center stage.

Credits: disney Fanon Wiki-Fandom

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