24 Mar, 2023


Skeptical Lawmakers Grill TikTok CEO About Safety And Content

By FactsWow Team

Apps Will Be Wiped

In nearly six hours of grilling by lawmakers, TikTok's CEO had yet to answer whether its app would be wiped from devices owned by 150 million U.S. users.

Credits: The Guardian

Safety Is A priority For The App

U.S. lawmakers about data security and harmful content on Thursday pressed Shou Zi Chew. They responded skeptically to his assurances that his Chinese connections should not prevent the app from being banned.

Credits: Axios

Questions Hurled By Democrats

Democratic and Republican lawmakers blasted TikTok for its power abuse in a bipartisan effort to curb its influence. Question subjects included TikTok's content moderation practices, Beijing's spying on journalists, and how it secures American data.

Credits: The Wall Street Journal

Governing Tools Of China

Chew pushed back against allegations that TikTok, or its Chinese parent, ByteDance, are government tools as much as possible.

Credits: Wall Street Journal

A House Committee Was Attacked

One lawmaker showed a TikTok video advocating violence against the House committee holding the hearing. Still, he failed to respond to uncomfortable questions about China's human rights abuses against the Uyghurs.

Credits: Arise News

Unusual Appearance

An important time for the company warrants the 40-year-old Singaporean's rare public appearance.

Credits: The New York Time

Secure User Data

TikTok boasts 150 million daily users in the U.S., but a potential nationwide ban and growing concerns about data protection from China threaten its increasing dominance.

Credits: Business Insider

Recently Ballooned Tensions

Additionally, lawmakers are taking on TikTok because of escalating geopolitical tensions between Beijing and Washington regarding trade and technology.

Credits: Twitter

The Truth Needed By Americans

Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican, announced in her opening remarks that Americans need to know the truth about TikTok.

Credits: Wikipedia

Safer TikTok Is A Priority

He denied that TikTok poses a national security threat and prioritizes its young users' safety.

Credits: MarketWatch

Protecting U.S. Users

The company would store U.S. user data on servers owned and maintained by Oracle to protect it.

Credits: Linkedin

Chinese-Unfriendly Images

Video clips mentioning Tiananmen Square or featuring images unfavorable to the Chinese government were censored in 2019 by TikTok, according to the Guardian.

Credits: Eunews

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