Sister Wives' Premiere Recap: More Wives Pull Away And The Family Is In A 'Civil War'

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Recently, ‘Sister Wives’ season 18 premiered on Sunday, August, 20, bringing more odds than ever before in the Brown family. A whole new season of Kody Brown's perm was filled with fragile feelings, and Ken-esque idolization of the patriarchy. Unfortunately, Kody Brown started the episode by saying it feels like the Brown family are in the middle of a ‘civil war’.

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The Story Continued

After shocking the viewers with Christine Brown's decision to leave Kody and move to Utah, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown continued the hash and the fractured family dynamics for the second time. They seemed bewildered by the fraught state of the family. However, Christine Brown was the only person that was not in a spiral. She was Kody Brown's newly moved ex. With her smile, she proved that she was a whole new woman with a whole new setup at her home in Utah.

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Christine Views

Surprisingly, Christine Brown was still close with Janelle Brown, her best friend and her sister in law, and the two said that they still call one another ‘sister wife’ despite no longer technically being sister wives in the traditional sense. Christine Brown also admits that she treats Janelle as more than just a friend.

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Kody Brown Covid-19 Issues

Again, Kody Brown brought the topic about his difficulty with COVID-19, because COVID-19 was overwhelming for him and made him not being able to sleep and not being able to breathe. Shockingly, Christine Brown can not hold her laughter for that peculiar topic. According to her confessional interview, Christine Brown said that she was married to that guy for 27 years and every time he got sick, it was like the whole world revolved around him.

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Meri Brown Struggle

Not only that, maybe the most tragic of all is about Meri Brown's insistence on clinging to her non-existent relationship with Kody Brown, who notes that they have not functioned in a marriage-like relationship for several years. Basically, Meri was feeling isolated not only from Kody Brown but from her other sister wives as well. She also admits that she has heard that Kody Brown called her as friends, which is kind of weird for her because she thought that friends were talking to each other more than Kody and her talk to each other.

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The Essential Reason

Meri Brown continued her statement and denied that she was staying in her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown for religious reasons and said that people tell her all the time about it. She added that when she married Kody Brown, she made a commitment to him and she loved him and still honors that commitment, she made the decision because she loved him and wanted to spend her eternity with him.

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In the end, fans know that things between Meri Brown and Kody Brown do not work out well. In January 2023, Meri Brown announced that she permanently ended their marriage after years of estrangement. If you are curious, you can watch the new episodes of Sister Wives every Sunday at 10pm ET on TLC.

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