Sister Wives Kody Calls The First 20 Years Of Family Life Dysfunctional!

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Sister Wives’ Brown family

The Brown family on Sister Wives has had its share of issues over the years, so the drama that followed Christine Brown's departure just served to heighten the stress on everyone's minds.

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Splitting with his wives

The season 18 opener of the TLC patriarch's show aired on Sunday and was recorded before Kody Brown abruptly became monogamous after divorcing three of his four marriages in 14 months.

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Kody in an Interview

'The family's situation is difficult. In a way, it resembles the American Civil War. In a candid interview, Kody, 54, said, 'I don't even know how to express it.

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Dynamics with his wife!

Kody said he'd had 'infrequent interactions' with his first wife, Meri Brown, 52, adding that it had been 'months' before his third wife, Christine, 51, filed for divorce. He was also 'pretty strained' with his second wife, Janelle Brown, 54, and couldn't 'figure this out' due to his 'upset' state of mind.

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Janelle's ongoing problems with Kody

Kody wasn't the only one in Sunday's debut to discuss the family's situation. Regarding her ongoing issues with Kody, Janelle stated that their relationship had become 'even more strained' due to her moving into an RV.

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Family during the holidays

Due to Kody's distance from her boys, Janelle stated that she did not want to spend time with the extended family during the holidays.

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Big apology

Kody still believes that the lads ought to talk to him or anything. So, we're apart,' Janelle informed Christine in front of her 18-year-old daughter Savanah. Kody believes they owe him a sincere apology, a talk, and other things for disrespect.

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Robyn to question the reality

Kody and Christine made Robyn doubt the 'reality' she had previously known. Robyn observed the Browns as 'operating as one family.' But in confessionals, Kody, Janelle, and Christine each offered different perspectives on the predicament.

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Pretty dysfunctional

Our family's first 20 years were problematic, Kody said. And since we wanted to be successful, we had a different perspective.

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Christine met up with Kody

Christine and Kody had lunch after the show to discuss what they would do with their kids for the holidays. And despite Christine's initial desire for an 'amiable' divorce, Kody claimed he felt 'betrayed' by Christine.

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Diplomatic conversation

Initially, Kody and Christine's chat was rather polite, but things deteriorated when they discussed COVID safety and Kody's personal experience with the condition, which Christine found humorous.

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