02 Jan, 2023


'Sister Wives’, Kody Brown Regrets Marrying Janelle

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Kody Brown

Kody Brown opened up the role of marrying Janelle Brown and papering for long-simmering hitches with his first spouse, Meri Brown. The family exposed at Sunday's Sister Wives marrying 'Meri' was 'difficult' from the start.

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Janelle, a blessing of dilution

Kody Brown said, 'Janelle was a kind of dilution. It diluted his bond with Meri and we're bringing more people into the trouble'. His bond with Meri was a hit when Janelle shifted to Meri's home.

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The Family was in Bad Scenario

Kody Brown said, 'the family was in a bad situation as Janelle shifted out. She left us with her mother. I couldn't feel she left me one day as I was not giving her sufficient support. She could not sit aside with Meri and Christine any longer and gave me too much strain on my life.

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Kody's Separations from Janelle and Meri

Kody's Separations from Janelle and Meri were exposed a year when Christine revealed her breakup with Kody in November 2021. Recently, he tied the knot with his fourth wife. Robyn Brown.

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