28 Jul, 2023


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Declined To Click Pictures with Gwen On The Wedding Day!

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Christine & Gwendlyn Brown

Gwendolyn Brown, the daughter of Kody Brown and Christine, recently married. She tied the knot with her longtime partner, Beatriz Queiroz, in a spellbinding wedding ceremony.

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Kody Brown

Many fans of Sister Wives have noticed that Kody Brown was lost from the wedding ceremony album. Did he reject the daughter's special day? Are you wondering where he was? Continue to explore more at factswow.com for in-depth details.

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Kody & Robyn attended The Event

Gwen addressed her father, Kody Brown's absence in her wedding photos and revealed the truth on her YouTube channel. She shared that her father and his only remaining wife, Robyn, did attend the Event.

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Kody arrived late at the Event

Kody and Robyn were fashionable late. Gwen exposed that Kody seemed negligent for the joyous Event and reached two hours late at the marriage event. She was convinced that she couldn't have the chance to click a picture with her father, and it felt regretful and funny.

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Guests were frustrated & Unhappy

During a clip, Gwen disclosed that a couple of guests were frustrated and unhappy that the patriarch was showing-off the occasion. Some people said how dare you show up behind the back. This was logical because Kody faced criticism from his family and fans.

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Kody's negligence toward kids.

Particularly following Kody's divorce from Christine and Meri and amid allegations of favoritism towards Robyn, the father of 18 faced significant criticism from viewers for his past negligence towards his children.

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Gwen Embraced her Stepmother

The daughter of Christine Brown hugged Robyn regardless of her tense behavior. Gwen disclosed that she cuddled her stepmother, and everybody was shocked. She said she wished to hug all the guests during the wedding ceremony.

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Gwen Forced To Walk Alone.

Sister Wives of Gwendolyn Brown rejoiced on the wedding day with her partner, Beatriz Quieroz, enclosed with her friends and relatives. She was forced to walk alone over the corridor since her father, Kody Brown, arrived two hours late for the ceremony. It was certainly heartbreaking for the new couples.

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Gwen Gonna go by herself.

Gwen expressed, 'I am just gonna go by myself.' She walked down with her partner alone. Now, the fans expect a grand ceremony in the coming season of 'Sister Wives.' Catch more interesting stories from Factswow.com.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

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